The Energy Solution Revolution

Brian O'Leary's new book The Energy Solution Revolution.

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The Energy Solution Revolution Book

During these times of global political change and fiscal austerity, it seems that only one class of clean, renewable and sustainable energy sources can get us through these times: new, breakthrough "free" energy. If properly understood and developed, these previously suppressed technologies are the only path towards having affordable clean energy. The sources include vacuum energy, cold fusion and advanced hydrogen chemistries.

The capital investment and environmental impact required to deploy free energy to replace hydrocarbons and nuclear energy would be miniscule compared to the trillions needed to implement a pervasive economy of any other source, even including conventional renewables such as solar, wind and biofuels. The Energy Solution Revolution is a social and political mandate to create an awareness and a movement to develop these sources as soon as possible for the sake of all humanity and the Earth.

Praise for The Energy Solution Revolution:

“Good luck with this great new book--the world needs to move decisively into new energy and create a sustainable civilization NOW!”
-Dr. Steven Greer, director, The Orion Project and author of Hidden Truth-Forbidden Knowledge.

“Your book is a tremendous and fascinating effort, and one that is very desperately needed. This is a book that real researchers will have to have in their home library permanently.”
-Tom Bearden, author of Energy from the Vacuum.

“The issues you address in this book are about the most important ones facing humanity today. Your amicable and engaging style is consistent throughout your writings.”
-Wade Frazier, C.P.A. and author of

“The topic and the concept behind it are timely, necessary, and needed. I congratulate you on developing a very important publication.”
-Stan McDaniel, professor emeritus of philosophy, Sonoma State University.

“The Energy Solution Revolution is a call for action and a guidebook for anyone who wants to positively change the course of history and save the planet.”
-Paul Von Ward, author of Our Solarian Legacy.

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