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by Dr. Brian O'Leary

What the New Science community is saying about Re-Inheriting the Earth, Exploring Inner and Outer Space, The Second Coming of Science and Miracle In The Void

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Introduction to the Spanish Language Edition and 2005 Update of Re-Inheriting the Earth


"The environment desperately needs our help. In this groundbreaking and powerful book, Brian tells us how. He uses his unique credentials and expertise as a physicist, new scientist, author, speaker and energy adviser to bring forward concrete solutions to our global dilemma. He boldly states that we can end the fossil fuel age by converting to a new energy economy, using a mix of hydrogen, solar, wind, cold fusion, and zero point energy options. His words are so easy to read and reflect a rich creative imagination which is welcome in such a serious subject. But Re-Inheriting the Earth is more than a recipe for sustainability. It is a wake-up call for civil action and for developing a new science of consciousness which will surely provide global healing." -Maury Albertson, Ph.D.    Professor of Civil Engineering Colorado State University Co-Founder of the Peace Corps.

"This book speaks for the soul of the Earth. We may still have time to listen." -Obadiah Harris, Ph.D. President, Philosophical Research Society


Miracle in the Void: the Video

Now also available on DVD


"O'Leary suggests there is a reality beyond what the five senses offer and brings the full force of his extensive scientific background to prove it.  He challenges us to use our gift of thinking to make the quantum leap into worlds only dreamed about until now." -Dennis Weaver, actor, Founding President, Institute of Ecolonomics

"I loved this brilliantly conceived, wise and wonderful work.  It contains so much wisdom, and so much that is useful in untangling the knots of fear which are our curse and our slavery.  It relates the acquisition of clean energy to the rising of the heart into higher spaces, and so captures truth." -Whitley Strieber, author, Communion and Breakthrough


"Brian O'Leary's book Exploring Inner and Outer Space is an autobiography of an astronaut who eventually found the knowledge and wisdom of "inner space" even more rewarding and exciting than the explorations and phenomena of outer space.  It is also an appeal for a more open and extended inquiry into some of the remaining mysteries of outer space, including indications of past and present non-human intelligences, and also into the eternal mystery of the mind within.  It is timely and inspiring."
    -the late Dr. Willis Harman, past-President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and author of Global Mind Change

"Brian O'Leary is a prototype practitioner of the science that is longing to be born.  I  recommend The Second Coming of Science to all true scientists, that is, all seekers of the truth."
     -Gary Zukav, author of The Seat of the Soul and The Dancing Wu Li Masters

"The real-life implications of avant-garde research are rarely put in words.   There are too few unifying terms-and too few people willing to sort through the scattered data.   Brian O'Leary deserves our thanks for this landmark, state-of-the-art synthesis. He follows Einstein's dictum that explanations should be as simple as possible but no simpler."

    -Marilyn Ferguson, author of The Aquarian Conspiracy


"Maui Suite" Solo piano CD. Recorded live on Maui in 1995

"This CD is extraordinary. It relaxed me like waves moving me into meditation. I've been listening to it every day." -Sally Whiting, composer and pianist





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